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June 13th Virginia Democratic Primary Candidates (by district):


House of Delegates (General Assembly Primary Election)
*designates top priority swing districts currently held by a Republican

HD-2 (Prince William, Stafford Counties) * Possum Point Coal Ash Landfill
Josh King (D)
★★★★Jennifer Carroll Foy (D) 

HD-8 (Roanoke, Montgomery, Craig Counties and Salem City)
★★★★Steve McBride (D) 
★★★★Bryan Keele (D)

HD-13 (Prince William County and Manassas Park City) *
Steven Jansen (D) 
★★★★Mansimran Kahlon (D) 
Danica Roem (D) 
Andrew Adams (D)

HD-21 (Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Cities) * 
★★★★Thomas Brock(D) 
Kelly Fowler (D) 

HD-31 (Prince William, Fauquier Counties) * 
Elizabeth Guzman(D) 
Sara Townsend (D) 

HD-33 (Loudoun, Frederick Clarke Counties)
Tia Walbridge (D)
Mavis Taintor (D)

HD-42 (Fairfax County) * 
★★★★Kathy Tran (D)
Nelfred “Tilly” Blanding (D) 

HD-51 (Prince William County) *
★★★★Ken Boddye (D) 
Hala Ayala (D) 

HD-56 (Louisa, Henrico, Goochland, Spotsylvania Counties) 
Lizzie Drucker-Basch (D)
Melissa Dart (D)

HD-57 (Charlottesville City, Albemarle County) 
David Toscano (D) Incumbent
★★★★Ross Mittiga (D)

HD-63 (Dinwiddie, Chesterfield, Prince George Counties, Petersburg and Hopewell Cities) 
Lashrecse Aird (D) Incumbent 
★★★★Gerry Rawlinson (D)

HD-64 (Isle of Wight, Prince George, Surry, Southampton, Sussex Counties, Suffolk and Franklin Cities)
★★★★John Wandling (D)
★★★★Jerry Cantrell (D)
★★★★ Rebecca Colaw (D)

HD-67 (Fairfax and Loudoun Counties) * 
Karrie Delaney (D)
★★★★Hannah Risheq (D) 
★★★★John W. Carey (D)

HD-68 (4 Chesterfield and Henrico Counties; Richmond City)*
★★★★Dawn Adams (D) 
Mary Jo Sheeley (D)
Ben Pearson-Nelson (D)

HD-70 (Henrico and Chesterfield Counties, Richmond City) 
Delores McQuinn (D) Incumbent
Alex Mejias (D)

HD-81 (Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Cities) Chesapeake Coal Ash Landfill
★★★★Nancy Carothers (D)
★★★★Kimberly Anne Tucker (D)

HD-83 (Virginia Beach and Norfolk Cities) 
★★★★David Rose-Carmack (D)
Justin Morgan (D)

HD-89 (Norfolk City) 
Joe Dillard (D)
Jay Jones (D)

HD-92 (Hampton City) 
Jeion Ward (D) Incumbent
Mic Harris (D)

HD-99 (King George, Westmoreland, Northumberland, Lancaster, Richmond and Caroline Counties) 
Francis Edwards (D)
Vivian Messner (D)

Show up by the numbers and put the candidates that have taken River Healer’s pledge in office. Reward their commitment to our rivers and put these water protectors to work defending our water!

Thank you to all of our comrades and fellow water protectors that participated and made this happen! 

The Virginia River Healers will be updating the pledge list as candidates respond. If you see that a correction needs to be made to any of the following candidates or if a candidate would like to clarify their support for Virginia’s rivers and water please let us know at


Check here for your local Virginia polling locations and times

Check here to see what will be on your specific ballot

Check here to find out more about your District and current Delegate

Check here for more information on Tom Perriello 

The Virginia River Healers asked all Democratic primary candidates to take a pledge for Virginia water security. The pledge focused on four key water issues that Virginia will face in 2018. Each candidate was asked to take action and stand with Virginians on the following key water issues.

1. ★ Oppose the construction and permitting of large volume fracked-gas pipelines such as the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

2. ★ Oppose hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and take action to enact a statewide fracking ban.

3. ★ Oppose offshore drilling and seismic sound surveys.

4. ★ Oppose current coal ash waste permits and take action to have all coal ash waste removed from Virginia’s rivers and sources of drinking water.

★★★★ Designates candidates that have responded to our call and will stand up for Virginia water security against all four identified threats. 



June 13th Virginia Democratic Primary Candidates (statewide):

Virginia Governor (Statewide Primary Election)

Virginia Governor (Statewide Primary Election)
★★★★Tom Perriello (D) 
__★★__Ralph Northam (D)



Virginia Lieutenant Governor (Statewide Primary Election)
★★★★Gene Rossi (D) 
★★★★Justin Fairfax (D) 
★★★__Susan Platt (D) 


Water is a commons - No one holds the right to destroy

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