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Water is a commons - No one holds the right to destroy

The VRH will be releasing a comprehensive Virginia Water Terrorist List on January 15th. The incoming 2017 Federal Administration and POTUS has voiced a desire to charge water protectors with felonies by listing them as Economic Terrorists.

The VIRGINIA WATER TERRORIST LIST will provide a review of what real economic terrorism looks like in our state by naming the top 10 Water Terrorists that are currently threatening Virginians short and long term access to clean water resources.

Please take part and contribute a person (CEO, board member, elected official, appointed official, lawyer) you would like to see on the 2017 Top 10 List of Virginia Water Terrorists. Confidential submissions can be made through our website.

Please consider making a donation if you are able to do so. All funds raised will go toward the publication printing of the 2017 list.

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