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The Virginia River Healers are calling all 2017 candidates to take a pledge for Virginia water security. The pledge focuses on four key water issues that Virginia will face in 2018. Each candidate is asked to take action and stand with Virginians on the following key water issues.

1. ★ Oppose the construction and permitting of large volume fracked-gas pipelines such as the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

2. ★ Oppose hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and take action to enact a statewide fracking ban.

3. ★ Oppose offshore drilling and seismic sound surveys.

4. ★ Oppose current coal ash waste permits and take action to have all coal ash waste removed from Virginia’s rivers and sources of drinking water.

★★★★ Designates candidates that have responded to our call and will stand up for Virginia water security against all four identified threats. 



HOUSE OF DELEGATES (General Assembly Election)

*designates priority swing districts

★COAL: designates districts that have coal ash landfills

★ACP: designates districts directly impacted by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

★MVP: designates districts directly impacted by the Mountain Valley Pipeline

★DRILLING: designates districts directly impacted by offshore drilling


HD 1 (Lee, Scott, Wise Counties and Norton City)

Alicia Kallen (D)

Terry Kilgore (R-Inc)


*HD 2 (Prince William, Stafford Counties) ★COAL (Possum Point Landfill)

★★★★ Jennifer Foy (D)

Laquan Austion (R)


HD 3 (Tazewell, Buchanan, Bland, Russell Counties)

★★★★ Bill Bunch (D)

Will Morefield (R-Inc)

HD 4 (Washington, Russell, Dickenson, Wise Counties)

Todd Pillion (R-Inc)


HD 5 (Washington, Grayson, Smyth Counties and Bristol, Galax Cities)

Israel O'Quinn (R-Inc)


HD 6 (Carroll, Wythe, Smyth Counties)

Jeff Campbell (R-Inc)


HD 7 (Montgomery, Pulaski, Floyd Counties) ★ MVP

★★★★ Flo Ketner (D)

Nick Rush (R-Inc)


HD 8 (Roanoke, Montgomery, Craig Counties and Salem City) ★MVP

★★★★ Steve McBride (D)

Greg Habeeb (R)


HD 9 (Franklin, Patrick, Henry Counties) ★MVP

★★★★ Stephanie Cook(D)

Charles Poindexter (R)

Justin Washer (I)

*HD 10 (Loudoun, Frederick, Clarke Counties)

Wendy Gooditis (D)

Randy Minchew (R-Inc)


HD 11 (Roanoke City) ★MVP

★★★★ Sam Rasoul (D-Inc)


*HD 12 (Montgomery, Giles, Pulaski Counties and Radford City) ★ MVP

★★★★ Chris Hurst (D)

Joseph Yost (R-Inc)


*HD 13 (Prince William County and Manassas Park City)

Danica Roem (D)

Bob Marshall (R-Inc)


HD 14 ( Pittsylvania, Henry Counties and Danville City) ★MVP

Danny Marshall (R-Inc)


HD 15 (Shenandoah, Page, Warren, Rockingham Counties)

Todd Gilbert (R-Inc)


HD 16 ( Pittsylvania, Henry Counties and Martinsville City) ★MVP

Les Adams (R-Inc)

HD 17 (Roanoke, Botetourt Counties and Roanoke City) ★MVP

★★★★ Djuna Osborne (D)

Christopher Head (R-Inc)


HD 18 (Fauquier, Warren, Culpeper, Rappahannock Districts)

Tristan Shields (D)

Michael Webert (R-Inc)

★★★★ Will King (G)

HD 19 (Botetourt, Bedford, Alleghany Counties; Covington City)

Terry Austin (R-Inc)

HD 20 (Augusta, Nelson, Highland Counties and Staunton, Waynesboro Cities) ★ACP

★★★★ Michele Edwards (D)

Dickie Bell (R-Inc)

Will Hammer (L)

*HD 21 (Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Cities) ★DRILLING ★ACP

Kelly Fowler (D)

Ron Villanueva (R-Inc)


HD 22 (Bedford, Campbell, Franklin Counties and Lynchburg City) ★MVP

Kathy Byron (R-Inc)

Michael Millner (L)

HD 23 (Bedford and Amherst Counties, and Lynchburg City) ★MVP

Natalie Short (D)

Scott Garrett (R-Inc)


HD 24 (Rockbridge, Amherst, Augusta, Bath Counties and Lexington, Buena Vista Cities) ★ACP

Ben Cline (R-Inc)

John Winfrey (I)

HD 25 ( Augusta, Albemarle, Rockingham Counties) ★ACP

★★★★ Angela Lynn (D)

Steve Landes (R-Inc)


HD 26 (Rockingham County, Harrisonburg City)

★★★★Brent Finnegan (D)

Tony Wilt (R-Inc)


HD 27 (Chesterfield County)

Larry Barnett (D)

Roxann Robinson (R-Inc)


HD 28 (Stafford County, Fredericksburg City)

Joshua Cole (D)

Robert Michael Thomas, Jr (R)


HD 29 (Frederick and Warren Counties, Winchester City)

Casey Turben (D)

Chris Collins (R-Inc)


HD 30 (Orange, Culpeper, Madison Counties)

Ben Hixon (D)

Nick Freitas (R-Inc)


*HD 31 (Prince William, Fauquier Counties)

Elizabeth Guzman (D)

Scott Lingamfelter (R-Inc)


*HD 32 (Loudoun County)

David Reid (D)

Tag Greason (R-Inc)


HD 33 (Loudoun, Frederick Clarke Counties)

Tia Walbridge (D)

Dave LaRock (R-Inc)


HD 34 (Fairfax, Loudoun Counties)

Kathleen Murphy (D-Inc)

Cheryl Buford (R)


HD 35 (Fairfax County)

Mark Keam (D-Inc)

HD 36 (Fairfax County)

Ken Plum (D-Inc)

HD 37 (Fairfax County, Fairfax City)

David Bulova (D-Inc)

HD 38 (Fairfax County)

Kaye Kory (D-Inc)

Paul Haring (R)

HD 39 (Fairfax County)

Vivian Watts (D-Inc)


*HD 40 (Fairfax and Prince William Counties)

Donte Tanner (D)

Tim Hugo (R-Inc)

HD 41 (Fairfax County)

Eileen Filler-Corn (D-Inc)


*HD 42 (Fairfax County)

★★★★ Kathy Tran (D)

Lolita Mancheno-Smoak (R)

HD 43 (Fairfax County)

Mark Sickles (D-Inc)


HD 44 (Fairfax County)

Paul Krizek (D-Inc)

HD 45 (Alexandria City, Arlington County, Fairfax County)

Mark Levine (D-Inc)

HD 46 ( Alexandria City)

Charniele Herring*

HD 47 (Arlington County)

★★★★ Patrick Hope (D-Inc)


HD 48 (Fairfax and Arlington Counties)

Rip Sullivan (D-Inc)


HD 49 (Arlington County, Alexandria City)

Alfonso Lopez (D-Inc)

Adam Roosevelt (R)


*HD 50 (Prince William County, Manassas City)

Lee Carter (D)

Jackson Miller (R)

Ellennita Hellmer (I)

*HD 51 (Prince William County)

Hala Ayala (D)

Rich Anderson (R-Inc)

HD 52 (Prince William County)

Luke Torian (D-Inc)


HD 53 (Fairfax County, Falls Church City)

Marcus Simon (D-Inc)

Mike Casey (I)

HD 54 (Spotsylvania, Caroline Counties)

★★★★ Al Durante (D)

Bobby Orrock (R-Inc)


HD 55 (Hanover, Caroline, Spotsylvania Counties)

★★★★ Morgan Goodman (D)

Buddy Fowler (R-Inc)


HD 56 (Louisa, Henrico, Goochland, Spotsylvania Counties)

Melissa Dart (D)

John McGuire (R)

HD 57 (Charlottesville City, Albemarle County)

David Toscano (D-Inc)


HD 58 (Albemarle, Greene, Fluvanna, Rockingham Counties)

★★★★ Kellen Squire (D)

Rob Bell (R-Inc)


HD 59 (Campbell, Appomattox, Buckingham, Albemarle, Nelson Counties) ★ACP

★★★★Tracy Carver (D)

Matt Fariss (R-Inc)

★★★★Marcus Sutphin (G)

HD 60 (Halifax, Prince Edward, Charlotte, Campbell Counties) ★COAL (Clover Station Landfill) ★ACP

Jamaal Johnston (D)

James Edmunds (R-Inc)

HD 61 (Mecklenburg, Nottoway, Amelia, Cumberland, Lunenburg Counties) ★ACP

Tommy Wright (R-Inc)


HD 62 (Chesterfield, Henrico, Prince George County, Hopewell City) ★COAL (Chesterfield Station Landfill)

★★★★ Sheila Bynum-Coleman (D)

Riley Ingram (R-Inc)

HD 63 (Dinwiddie, Chesterfield, Prince George Counties, Petersburg and Hopewell Cities) ★ACP

Lashrecse Aird (D-Inc)


HD 64 (Prince George, Surry, Southampton, Sussex Counties, Suffolk and Franklin Cities) ★MVP ★ACP

★★★★ Rebecca Colaw (D)

Emily Brewer (R)


HD 65 (Chesterfield, Powhatan, Goochland, Fluvanna Counties) ★COAL (Bremo Station Landfill)

★★★★Francis Stevens (D)

Lee Ware (R-Inc)


HD 66 (Chesterfield County and Colonial Heights City)

★★★★ Katie Sponsler (D)

Kirk Cox (R-Inc)


*HD 67 (Fairfax and Loudoun Counties)

Karrie Delaney (D)

Jim LeMunyon (R-Inc)


*HD 68 (Chesterfield and Henrico Counties; Richmond City)

★★★★ Dawn Adams (D)

Manoli Loupassi (R-Inc)


HD 69 (Richmond City, Chesterfield County)

Betsy Carr (D-Inc)

★★★★ Montigue Magruder (G)

★★★★ Jake Crocker (L)

HD 70 ( Henrico and Chesterfield Counties, Richmond City)

Delores McQuinn (D-Inc)

HD 71 (Richmond City and Henrico County)

Jeff Bourne (D-Inc)

*HD 72 (Henrico County)

Schuyler VanValkenburg (D)

Eddie Whitlock (R)


*HD 73 (Henrico County)

Debra Rodman (D)

John O'Bannon (R-Inc)

Kevin Gary (I)


HD 74 (Henrico and Charles City County, Richmond City)

Lamont Bagb (D-Inc)

★★★★Preston Brown (I)

HD 75 (Brunswick, Southampton, Greensville, Dinwiddie, Sussex, Lunenburg, Isle of Wight, Surry Counties, Emporia and Franklin Cities) ★ACP

Roslyn Tyler (D-Inc)


HD 76 (Suffolk and Chesapeake Cities) ★DRILLING ★ACP

Chris Jones (R-Inc)

HD 77 (Chesapeake and Suffolk Cities) ★DRILLING ★ACP

Cliff Hayes (D-Inc)

★★★★ Jeff Staples (G)

HD 78 (Chesapeake City) ★DRILLING ★ACP

Jay Leftwich (R-Inc)


HD 79 (Portsmouth and Norfolk Cities) ★DRILLING

Steve Heretick (D-Inc)

HD 80 (Portsmouth, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Norfolk Cities) ★DRILLING ★ACP

Matthew James (D-Inc)

HD 81 (Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Cities) ★COAL (Chesapeake Landfill) ★DRILLING ★ACP

★★★★ Kimberly Tucker (D)

Barry Knight (R-Inc)


HD 82 (Virginia Beach City) ★DRILLING

★★★★ Leigh Anne Bowling (D)

Jason Miyares (R-Inc)


HD 83 (Virginia Beach and Norfolk Cities) ★DRILLING

★★★★David Rose-Carmack (D)

Chris Stolle (R-Inc)


HD 84 (Virginia Beach City) ★DRILLING

★★★★ Veronica Coleman (D)

Glenn Davis (R-Inc)


HD 85 (Virginia Beach City) ★DRILLING

Cheryl Turpin (D)

Rocky Holcomb (R-Inc)


HD 86 (Fairfax and Loudoun Counties)

Jennifer Boysko (D-Inc)

Linda Schulz (R)


HD 87 (Loudoun and Prince William Counties)

John Bell (D-Inc)

Subba Kolla (R)


HD 88 (Spotsylvania, Stafford, Fauquier Counties, Fredericksburg City)

★★★★ Steve Aycock (D)

Mark Cole (R-Inc)

★★★★ Gerald Anderson (G)

Amanda Blalock (I)

HD 89 (Norfolk City) ★DRILLING ★ACP(VNG)

Jay Jones (D)

★★★★ Terry Hurst (L)

HD 90 (Norfolk and Virginia Beach Cities) ★DRILLING

Joe Lindsey (D-Inc)

HD 91 (Hampton and Poquoson Cities, York County) ★DRILLING

Michael Wade (D)

Gordon Helsel (R-Inc)


HD 92 (Hampton City) ★DRILLING

Jeion Ward (D-Inc)

HD 93 (Newport News and Williamsburg Cities, James City and York Counties) ★DRILLING

Mike Mullin (D-Inc)

Heather Cordasco (R)


*HD 94 (Newport News City) ★DRILLING

Zack Wittkamp (D)

David Yancey (R-Inc)


HD 95 (Newport News and Hampton Cities) ★DRILLING

Cia Price (D-Inc)

HD 96 (James City and York Counties) ★DRILLING

Kelly DeLucia (D)

Brenda Pogge (R-Inc)


HD 97 (Hanover, New Kent and King William Counties)

★★★★ Cori Johnson (D)

Chris Peace (R-Inc)


HD 98 (Gloucester, Middlesex, Essex, Matthews, King and Queen, King William Counties) ★DRILLING

Sheila Crowley (D)

Keith Hodges (R-Inc)


HD 99 (King George, Westmoreland, Northumberland, Lancaster, Richmond and Caroline Counties) ★DRILLING

Francis Edwards (D)

Margaret Ransone (R-Inc)


*HD 100 (Accomack and Northamton Counties, Norfolk City) ★DRILLING

Willie Randall (D)

Rob Bloxom (R-Inc)

Show up by the numbers and put the candidates that have taken River Healer’s pledge in office. Reward their commitment to our rivers and put these water protectors to work defending our water!

Thank you to all of our comrades and fellow water protectors that participated and made this happen! 

The Virginia River Healers will be updating the pledge list as candidates respond. If you see that a correction needs to be made to any of the following candidates or if a candidate would like to clarify their support for Virginia’s rivers and water please let us know at



VIRGINIA GOVERNOR (Statewide Election)
__★★__ Ralph Northam (D) 

(still waiting on Northam's pledge on pipelines and coal ash)

Ed Gillespie  (R)

Cliff Hyra (L)

★★★★ Justin Fairfax (D) See Fairfax's Responses

Jill Vogel (R)

Bobby Junes (I)


Water is a commons - No one holds the right to destroy

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