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Andy Peykoff II : Niagara Bottling LLC CEO

Water Threats:

Corporate Hijacking of Virginia Water Resources

Privatizing Virginia's Rivers for Corporate Gain


Andy Peykoff II, Chief Executive Officer and President of Niagara Bottling LLC, is the first to be named a top ten water terrorist in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Peykoff was tipped off to the Virginia River Healers by Chesterfield Citizens opposed to Peykoff and his California team of water privatizers at Niagara Bottling LLC. Niagara Bottling attacked Virginia water security in 2016 by opening a private water bottling plant in Chesterfield County. In doing so, the plant became the largest state approved water bottling company to take our water and sell it for private gain.


The River Healers are directly opposed to the privatization of water resources in our state. Niagara Bottling, the largest private label bottled water supplier in the United States is expanding their production to the East Coast and specifically targeting the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. After the state of California passed legislation limiting new well drilling permits and water diversion limitations for water bottling companies, companies such as Niagara and Nestle began looking for cheaper alternatives in other states. Niagara and Nestle attributed to the accelerated depletion rate of aquifers, rivers, and lakes in California after their executives continued to aggressively pump water sources dry during an alarming drought. Such bottling companies are now tapping Virginia as a promising state for continuing their business. The Virginia State Government has welcomed their destructive practices through limited regulation and tax incentives.


The Virginia State Water Control Board made way for Niagara Bottling by approving the destruction of 10 acres of wetlands for Niagara’s manufacturing plant in Chesterfield County. The plant is a 450,000 sq ft facility in Meadowville Technology Park and has a 10.5 million gallon daily capacity. Niagara bottling is expected to use 900,000 gallons of Chesterfield County Water per day (10 percent of the parks daily capacity) but has room to expand. By drawing a water contract with Chesterfield County Utilities, Niagara is bypassing the a State Water Withdrawal permit and taking water from three sources that supply Chesterfield County’s potable water, Swift Creek Reservoir, Lake Chesdin, and the James River. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe gave a $500,000 grant to this California based company through the Commonwealth Opportunity Fund and has approved eligibility for tax exemptions on manufacturing equipment. The Greater Richmond Partnership’s CEO, Barry Matherly has been working on bringing in Niagara since 2012.


To be clear, Niagara Bottling seems tiny in comparison to water bottling giants such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, and PepsiCo. But the expansion of this California industry in our state marks the start of the Virginia State Government and rural utilities compromising our water security for the private supply chain of Costcos, Walmarts and desert casinos in Las Vegas and Palm Springs. Corporate hijacking of water is a threat to our right to access a fundamental communal commons, clean water. Water bottling plants are using the creation of corporate states, and centralized power, to destroy water democracy by privatizing water. The biosphere will fail when corporate states destroy an equitable hydrosphere for all species. Stand against Peykoff, our water is not for sale, water bottling plants pose a threat against our access to healthy Virginia water resources.


Address: 2560 East Philadelphia Street

Ontario, CA 91761

United States

Phone: 909-230-5000

Water is a commons - No one holds the right to destroy

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