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Organization: The River Healers are an anonymous water rights collective that use the autonomy of art as a place to organize tactical environmental justice campaigns and protect water sources. The River Healers assist regionally focused watchdog operations through the use of field patrols and drone surveillance, and engage in direct action to defend water security.


Tactics: Using print and digital media, The River Healers produce regional information about water threats, publish community engaged research, image sourcing, open source mapping, and a national water terrorist list. Using performative dissent, bodies, and direct action, the River Healers disrupt both corporate and governmental spaces that undermine water democracy and have a history of using repressive tactics and violence to steal water.


Abolition and winning: Water justice is social justice and as such the River Healers are engaged in long term environmental justice work and intersectionality to dismantle the capitalist exploitation of water and the racism and classism routed in the privatization and destruction of water rights. It is in this movement that our art exists as a public commons and is part of a larger history of water democratization and collective empowerment. We Will Win!   


Water is a commons. No one has the right to destroy.


Water is a commons - No one holds the right to destroy

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