David Botkins: Dominion Virginia Power Director of Media Relations

Water Threats:

  • Corporate Hijacking of Virginia Water Resources

  • Privatizing Virginia's Rivers for Corporate Gain

  • Public Exploitation

Dominion Power is the largest Virginia state campaign contributor and David Botkins is in charge of making sure it remains that way. Botkins is now on the Virginia Water Terrorist List for continually exercising and protecting Domion Power's corporate manipulation of the Virginia state legislative process. 


Terrorist Botkins explains his tactics, “Politics is not a spectator sport, our company participates in it. That’s how democracy works. Folks who lose on the policy side will tend to throw rocks at us because of the political contribution issue, I think it’s unfair.”

David Botkins is contributing to the toxic legacy of Dominion Power and will be a target for the VRH if he continues to lie directly to the public. 

Address:120 Tredegar Street Richmond, VA 23219

Phone: 1-888-216-3718

Water is a commons - No one holds the right to destroy