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Over 35 candidates pledge to protect Virginia's water

Virginia, November 6th- Over 35 candidates have taken the Virginia Water Security Pledge. These candidates stand united in stopping pipelines, fracking, offshore drilling, and coal ash from threatening our rivers and water.

The Virginia Water Security Pledge started with a few key candidates in the June primaries, such as Justin Fairfax, Jennifer Caroll Foy, Dawn Adams, and Steve McBride. During the general election we asked all 2017 candidates to take a pledge for Virginia water security and the pledge grew into a group of over 35 candidates who are all ready to take action on water related issues across the state. The pledge has allowed candidates to clearly distinguish their positions on water. In doing so we now have a core group of candidates that are ready to shape water policy in Virginia and safeguard our waters from pipelines, fracking, offshore drilling, and coal ash.

It is with excitement we announce these candidates and to know that Virginians have a chance to put candidates in office that believe water is a human right!

★★★★ Designates candidates that have responded to our call, and will stand up for Virginia water security against all four identified water threats.

1. ★ Oppose the construction and permitting of large volume fracked-gas pipelines such as the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

2. ★ Oppose hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and take action to enact a statewide fracking ban.

3. ★ Oppose offshore drilling and seismic sound surveys.

4. ★ Oppose current coal ash waste permits and take action to have all coal ash waste removed from Virginia’s rivers and sources of drinking water.

Virginia Lieutenant Governor (Statewide Election):

Justin Fairfax (D)★★★★

House of Delegate Candidates (General Assembly Election):

HD 2 Jennifer Foy (D)★★★★

HD 3 Bill Bunch (D)★★★★

HD 7 Flo Ketner (D)★★★★

HD 8 Steve McBride (D)★★★★

HD 9 Stephanie Cook (D)★★★★

HD 11 Sam Rasoul (D-INC)★★★★

HD 12 Chris Hurst (D)★★★★

HD 17 Djuna Osborne (D)★★★★

HD 18 Will King (G)★★★★

HD 20 Michele Edwards (D)★★★★

HD 25 Angela Lynn (D)★★★★

HD 26 Brent Finnegan (D)★★★★

HD 42 Kathy Tran (D)★★★★

HD 47 Patrick Hope (D-INC)★★★★

HD 54 Al Durante (D)★★★★

HD 55 Morgan Goodman (D)★★★★

HD 58 Kellen Squire (D)★★★★

HD 59 Tracy Carver (D) ★★★★

Marcus Sutphin (G)★★★★

HD 62 Sheila Bynum-Coleman (D)★★★★

HD 64 Rebecca Colaw (D)★★★★

HD 65 Francis Stevens (D)★★★★

HD 66 Katie Sponsler (D)★★★★

HD 68 Dawn Adams (D)★★★★

HD 69 Montigue Magruder (G)★★★★

Jake Crocker (L)★★★★

HD 77 Jeff Staples (G)★★★★

HD 81 Kimberly Tucker (D)★★★★

HD 82 Leigh Anne Bowling (D)★★★★

HD 83 David Rose-Carmack (D)★★★★

HD 84 Veronica Coleman (D)★★★★

HD 88 Steve Aycock (D)★★★★

Gerald Anderson (G)★★★★

HD 89 Terry Hurst (L)★★★★

HD 97 Cori Johnson (D)★★★★

Thank you to all the candidates that have taken the pledge and are standing with Virginians who are protecting their land, mountains, forests, rivers and water!

Get out and vote November 7th!

See the full Virginia Water Security Pledge at

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