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Key Democratic Delegate Candidates are ready to take on issues of coal ash: Virginia Water Security

Virginia, September 29th- Big day for water protector alliances and coal ash!

Sheila Bynum-Coleman, District 62 Democratic Candidate joined delegate candidates, HD 2 Jennifer Carroll Foy (Possum Point coal ash landfill), HD 65 Francis Stevens for Delegate(Bremo Station coal ash landfill), HD 81 Kimberly Anne Tucker (Chesapeake coal ash landfill), in the fight against coal ash. All candidates have taken the Virginia Water Security Pledge and advocate for the removal of Dominion Energy's toxic coal ash landfills from Virginia' rivers and districts. The Virginia River Healers are thankful to be working with these united candidates and ready to get coal ash away from our rivers and communities if elected. By taking the pledge these candidates have also joined a much larger list of Delegate Candidates standing with Virginia's on key water issues.

These candidates will work to achieve the following water security goals:

1. ★Oppose the construction and permitting of large volume fracked-gas pipelines - this includes key pipeline threats such as the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the Mountain Valley Pipeline

2. ★Oppose hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and take action to enact a statewide fracking ban.

3. ★Oppose offshore drilling and seismic sound surveys on Virginia's coasts.

4. ★Oppose current coal ash waste permits and take action to have all coal ash waste removed from Virginia’s rivers and sources of drinking water.

The Virginia River Healers have drone video surveillance of both the Chesterfield and Chesapeake coal ash landfills. See how close they are to Virginia's rivers.

Chesterfield landfill:

Chesapeake landfill:

Sheila Bynum-Coleman is running in the 62nd District, a key district that is facing the threats of Dominion Energy's toxic coal ash landfill at the Chesterfield Power Plant. Dominion Energy plans to permanently leave over 15 million tons of coal ash in Chesterfield at a location on the banks of the James River, a source of drinking water for District 62 and over 2.5 million people in Virginia. If elected, Sheila Bynum-Coleman is ready to take action on this issue and push for the full removal of coal ash and protect our water. Here are some of Sheila Bynum-Coleman's words, "I am a firm believer in preserving and maintaining our rivers and streams. They are the source of our drinking water, and their integrity must be protected. I am especially concerned at the disposal of coal ash in Virginia streams and rivers."

Francis Stevens is running in a key coal ash district. District 65 sits on the James River and has been fighting to keep Dominion's coal ash at the Bremo Station out of their drinking water. "I am taking the pledge because clean water is a right. Whether it is a source for our drinking water, a source for fresh fish, or as a source of recreation, Virginians deserve the piece-of-mind in knowing their water is safe. The James River gives life to the 65th District and many others. We need to protect it from corporate interests who see it as nothing more than a sewer system for their waste."

Jennifer Carroll Foy is ready to stand with Virginian's and protect our water from coal ash and rallying the 2nd District and getting the 4 million tons of coal ash at Possum Point safely removed. Carroll Foy had a clear response in regard to coal ash. "Here in the 2nd district, we have an ongoing issue at Possum Point because of a coal plant that has since shut down and continues to pollute the local water supply because of a lack of safe storage for the coal waste that was left behind. I will join State Senator Scott Surovell on proposed legislation to order Dominion Power to remove all coal ash from the ponds to lined sites for proper removal and disposal of the coal ash."

Republican Incumbents in these key coal ash districts have failed to take the pledge at this time but can do so at

Thank you for your continued commitment to Virginia's rivers and water security!

A detailed list of the Virginia Water Security Pledge can be found here.

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