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# 6

#6 James A. Perdue : Perdue Farms Inc CEO and Chairman


Water Threats: 

  • Poisoning the Chesapeake Bay with Corporate agribusiness chicken waste

  • Notorious contributor to the Chesapeake Bay Dead Zone


Multiple Virginians on the Delmarva Peninsula are taking a stand against the toxic politics of the corporate farming industry and have put Perdue Farms Inc, the third largest poultry producer in the United States, on the Virginia Water Terrorist list. Thanks to these Chesapeake Bay watchdogs we focused our attention to one of Virginia’s top polluters.


James A. Perdue is being named a Virginia Water Terrorist for contaminating the Chesapeake Bay with agricultural waste. Terrorist Perdue has continued to produce bounties of cheap chicken and an excess of chicken manure at the cost of the Chesapeake Bay. 


Along the Chesapeake Bay’s Eastern Shore industrial chicken farms remain largely unregulated and Perdue’s team of corporate lawyers and lobbyists plan to keep it that way. In 2012 Perdue escaped a lawsuit filed by the Waterkeeper Alliance and since has continued to take advantage of lax government oversight. Perdue’s contracts place the responsibility of livestock waste on Virginia and Maryland farmers. Binding contracts with chicken farmers exempt Perdue Farms Inc from legal and financial responsibility of the millions of pounds of chicken waste the farms generate. Perdue’s supply chain crates 3.7 million tons of nitrate rich manure per year. Before the 50s this manure was primarily processed into fertilizer but with the excessive waste of factory farming only a small percent of the manure is processed as fertilizer. Perdue Agricycle pelletizing plant only used 7 percent of the manure from their massive chicken operations in 2013, while the rest of the nitrate rich poultry manure has been heaped in mountainous piles along the Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Concentrated poultry houses continue to get approved, in 2016 over 200 were constructed on the Delmarva Peninsula and contribute to the disastrous runoff of toxic nitrates linked to forms of cancer and blue baby syndrome.


Although Perdue owns one quarter of the chickens on the Delmarva Peninsula they are not alone in the excessive nitrate runoff impacting the health the Chesapeake Bay. Tyson Farms Incorporated joins Perdue as one of the largest meat producers in the world and between 2010-2014 produced over 210 million tons of manure and dumped 104 million pounds of pollutants into U.S. waterways. According to the EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory this pollution goes well beyond the EPA TRI reports of ExxonMobile, DuPont, and the United States Steel Corporation combined.


Terrorist Perdue’s corporate agribusiness will continue to endanger the 2,000 plus species of animals and plants that live amongst the Chesapeake Bay by resisting pollution regulation and circumventing legal responsibility of livestock waste. Corporate violence on Virginia’s most diverse water body will not be tolerated.


The salary of CEO, Dr. James A. Perdue, is not public.


Address:31149 Old Ocean City Road

Salisbury MD 21804

Phone: 410-543-3000

Water is a commons - No one holds the right to destroy

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