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Darius Adamczyk : Honeywell International Inc CEO


Water Threats: Toxic Dumping in Virginia’s Rivers


Darius Adamczyk, is President and COO of Honeywell International Inc. Adamczyk will be steering Honeywell in 2017 as he takes reign as CEO from David M. Cote. With this transition of power, Adamczyk will become one of Virginia’s top three polluters. Darius Adamczyk is named a Virginia Water Terrorist for taking Virginia’s water resources hostage. Adamczyk will remain in our crosshairs if he continues to put the profit yielding polymer resins and chemicals of his Hopewell plant above Virginia’s water security.


In 2012, Honeywell's plant in Hopewell, Virginia, one of the largest producers of ammonium sulfate fertilizer, a co-product of making caprolactam, was found to have dumped over 170 thousand pounds of toxic chemicals into the James River. From 2012 to 2014, the Hopewell plant continued to release toxic materials into the James River that included nitric acid, methyl ethyl ketone, caprolactam, oil and gasoline. A more recent spill in 2014 killed more than 2,000 fish in Gravelly Run, a tributary of the James River. This strike against Virginia water security was met with $300,000 civil penalty and a call for Honeywell to upgrade deteriorating sewer pipes and related structures. Honeywell donated $5 million in campaign contributions in 2012 that proved to keep state officials from taking legal action and forgiving oversight of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.


Honeywell’s record as a Virginia Water Terrorist goes back to the 24-acre Kim-Stan Landfill in Allegheny County. The landfill is now a Superfund Site because Allied Chemical Corp., a predecessor to Honeywell, sent waste to the landfill containing large amounts of harmful metals. Groundwater and surface water testing in the 90s revealed that arsenic, barium,and lead were coming from the landfill. In 1999 the site became one of the most urgent EPA sites for designated for clean up. The government has put $3.4 million into the remediation and cleanup of the site.


The US Environmental Protection Agency links Honeywell Inc to the greatest number of Superfund toxic waste sites in the United States. Honeywell is 44th amongst US corporations responsible for air pollution. Honeywell releases more than 9.4 million pounds of toxins per year into the air which in turn end up in the watershed. In 2013, The Wall Street Journal reported that honeywell was one of sixty companies that shielded annual profits from U.S. taxes. In 201, the Public Campaign revealed that Honeywell spent $18.3 million on lobbying and did not pay taxes from 2008-2010, and received $34 million in tax rebates while making a profit of $4.9 billion and laying off 968 workers since 2008.


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Water is a commons - No one holds the right to destroy

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