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Water terrorism includes water exploitation and the use of intimidation tactics, corporate propaganda, and government positions to threaten community water sources. The Virginia water terrorist list portrays how regional violence and domestic terrorism functions through corporate sponsored dispossession of community, state, tribal, and national water security.

Through locating, investigating, and targeting water terrorists, the WTTF hopes to coordinate avenues for individuals,  communities,  businesses, and governments to rise in a respectful, accountable, and true water democracy. 

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Water Threats: Dismantle the EPA and remove federal regulations that protect national and regional water resources.

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Water Threats: 

  • Dismantle the EPA

  • Remove federal regulations that protect Virginia water resources

  • Political profiteer aligned with oil, gas, and coal companies


Trump’s nominee for the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, is now listed as a Virginia Water Terrorist. Pruitt’s attacks on the EPA as Oklahoma Attorney General proves that he would turn a federal agency that is to serve and protect Virginia water resources, into a deregulated and manipulated alliance for oil and gas companies currently terrorizing Virginia water resources. 


Organizations critical of Pruitt have referred to him as a puppet to the fossil fuel industry but we think this title dismisses the destructive tactics Pruitt has used to destroy water rights. Scott Pruitt is an extreme terrorist that is willing to sacrifice the health of human populations for the sake of corporate money. Pruitt has done this with tactical deceit. He has used his public office as a shield and sword for the gas and oil industries to feed on his state. Pruitt is now arranging for the Administrative role of the Environmental Protection Agency to be a free market federal channel for corporations to destroy the ultimate public commons, healthy accessible water.


The Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Mountain Valley Pipeline, Dominion Power’s coal ash, fracking, and offshore drilling pose imminent threats to Virginian communities this year. Terrorist Pruitt’s actions and campaign contributions prove that he would put the interests of these oil, gas, and energy corporations before the health of Virginians. This terrorist has no place managing the EPA. As Attorney General, Pruitt combatted EPA regulations with lawsuits, calling them unnecessary, denying climate change, and challenged the agency’s legal authority to regulate toxic mercury pollution, smog, and carbon emissions from power plants. In 2011 terrorist Pruitt took his $260,000 tax payer salary and wrote to the EPA as a state official on behalf of Devon Energy using the letter head and exact words of Devon Energy’s lawyers. By doing this Pruitt has shown that his public office was used as a direct extension of an oil company and does not represent the interests or public health the agency is sworn to protect. The quality of Virginia’s waters would be under attack with Pruitt’s agenda of deregulation and market manipulation. There is no place in our state for this corporate aligned water terrorist! 


Pruitt is expected to receive confirmation from his Republican committee which has received more than $368,000 in campaign contributions from Koch Industries since 2011, and $1.5 million since 2011 from various energy companies, including Alpha Natural Resources, Arch Coal, Murray Energy and Peabody Energy; oil and gas titans BP, Chevron, Devon Energy, ExxonMobil, Marathon Oil and Valero Energy; and electric utilities American Electric Power, NextEra Energy and Southern Company. Since 2010, terrorist Pruitt has received $62,500 from Koch industries, the eight companies listed before, as well as Devon Energy, ExxonMobil and Valero Energy. The 10 Democrats on Scott Pruitt’s confirmation committee in comparison received no contributions from the Koch industries or the support of the oil, gas, coal industries listed before (although they have received donations from Dominion Resources, Entergy, and Exelon).



Water Threats:

Mountain Valley Pipeline

Fracking the Appalachian Basin


Virginia water terrorist, Steve Schlotterbeck was tipped off to us by Virginia water protectors and property owners in Giles County that are taking a stand against the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Prayers and solidarity for their tested resilience and continued stand for environmental rights.


EQT Corporation President, Steve Schlotterbeck will take reign as CEO of EQT Corporation at the closing of the first quarter. As the Chief Executive, Schlotterbeck will continue mandating the water terrorism of EQT Corporation’s joint venture of the Mountain Valley Pipeline. The 300+ miles of the Mountain Valley Pipeline would threaten over 1,000 waterways and wetlands between northwestern West Virginia and southern Virginia. The pipelines 2 billion cubic feet of gas per day would directly compromise three major aquifers, two public water supplies, numerous private drinking wells, and cross 377 perennial water bodies, many of those being right here in Virginia. EQT Corporation plans to take control of the Mountain Valley Pipeline after construction and owns a significant share of the joint venture.


President Steve Schlotterbeck and CEO David Porges have put EQT Corporation on track to be the primary Utica Shale Driller and continue to focusing their attention to fracking the Appalachian Basin for natural gas. Terrorist Schlotterbeck is waging that Utica Shale is where the company’s future lies and will compromise Virginia’s water resources at all costs.


From the comfort of his award winning 160 acre property and newly built home in Richland Township, PA, Schlotterbeck wages eminent threats to Virginians private and public land. Virginians will be opposing every inch of Schlotterbeck and EQT Corp’s exploitative and dangerous venture of petroleum and natural gas in our state. #NoMVP


As President at EQT Corporation, Steve Schlotterbeck made $6,314,367 in total compensation for the 2015 fiscal year. As CEO in 2017 he will be expecting to double his compensation. David Porges, current CEO, 2015 proxy statements, $850,000 annual salary, $3,100,000 bonuses, $6,690,025 total stock awards, $12,206,248 total stock awards.

Address: EQT Plaza Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

Phone: 412-553-5700



Water Threats:

Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Mountain Valley Pipeline

Coal Ash


As Governor Terry McAuliffe has used his position to put corporate pipelines above the health of Virginia Citizens. The Governor openly support the Atlantic Coast Pipeline a... and the Mountain Valley Pipeline



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