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"Cameras help to minimize collateral damage, and very often, without a camera a missile cannot fire. Certainly, without a camera a drone can't function, which means that the very ways in which we wage war are determined in part by how cameras work and whether they work at all."

 - Judith Butler

Citizen Drone is a publicly available drone for citizens who are on the front-lines of corporate  environmental violence.  Oil and gas industries need to be monitored and the River Healers serve regional security needs by conducting drone surveillance missions and supporting water monitoring groups. Citizen Drone builds technological agency among water protectors and rural communities by providing reconnaissance missions, drone flight training, surveillance workshops, and access to drones.


Please contact us directly to request a flight or if you are interested in pilot training opportunities and building efficient watchdog operations in your watershed. Once trained individuals are able to use Citizen Drone to conduct surveillance, monitor regional environmental threats, and build legal cases against exploitative industries.


Due to demand we aim to expand the Citizen Drone project because of the many threats to our waterways and communal water security. Please consider making a financial contribution so that a drone and or pilot is ready when most needed.


Solidarity,  River Healers

"Drones have not only eyes but also ears and many other organs."

 - Gregoire Chamayou

"The 'god-trick' of Western scientific epistemologies: The illusion of being able to see everywhere from a disembodied position of 'nowhere' as an integral component of histories of militarism, capitalism, colonialism, and male supremacy."

 - Donna Haraway

"The drone is best understood as an embodied assemblage whose senses are not only visual, but tactile, digital, and affective. Identifying and producing...a mixture different corporealizing technologies, including affective encounters."

 - Lauren Wilcox


Drone flight training at the two day direct action training camp for Virginians in Rockfish Valley, VA. The citizen training event was co-sponsored by NoACP and Greenpeace . Sign up to get trained! Photo credit: Greenpeace 


The Citizen Drone was used on a tactical mission in New Mexico to expose abusive crude oil fracking practices occurring in the Greater Chaco Area and Navajo Nation.  See the full report here. The Citizen Drone has also conducted multiple reconnaissance missions in Virginia, recording coal ash landfills and the path of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  Let us know how you plan to use Citizen Drone and let's put it to work. 


The successful adoption and deployment of citizen drones depends on meeting the ecosystem challenge. First, citizens  design strategies and handle an effective surveillance system, citizen drone (platform challenge). Second, citizens  have ensured access to the required infrastructural and organizational support (adoption challenge). 

Successful drone diffusion into regional watchdog groups is dependent upon resolving the economic, institutional  and organizational constraints that run parallel to military innovation. Increased salience of a watchdog ecosystem comes when group capabilities close tactical and operational gaps affiliated with limited resources.  



Your contributions will go directly towards transportation so that drone flights can happen wheremost needed and help communities being impacted by oil and gas violence. Your generous funds will also help cover software, shipping, and transportation costs so a Citizen Drone can get in the hands of citizens when most needed.    


When you sponsor a drone you allow us to acquire an additional drone. Your sponsorship directly increases the drone fleet and drastically increases our outreach and ability to cover more territory. Become a sponsor with a one time donation of $1,200. Thank you!



Water is a commons - No one holds the right to destroy