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# 5

#5 Cheryl LaFleur : U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chairman


Water Threats:

  • Failure to uphold the responsibilities of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

  • Manipulation of energy markets at the cost of Virginia water resources

  • Atlantic Coast Pipeline

  • Mountain Valley Pipeline


2017 is going to be a key year to target water terrorist Cheryl LaFleur. LaFleur is disguised as democrat, but has proven to be aligned with the violence of corporate controlled energy markets that are set on destroying Virginia’s water security. President Trump recognized Lafleur’s 6 year pro-pipeline track record as FERC Commissioner and has now appointed LaFleur to lead the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee as Chairman. As Chairman LaFleur will oversee the review process for the 600 mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the 300 mile Mountain Valley Pipeline, two major pipeline projects that would compromise Virginia’s longterm water security.



As Commissioner, LaFleur was one of the most powerful governmental officials. Entrusted with the authority to oversee electric, oil,and natural gas industries, LaFleur’s agency failed to  regulate the energy companies they are designated to oversee. Terrorist LaFleur played a key role as FERC Commissioner in manipulating U.S. Energy markets to benefit pipeline projects. LaFleur has terrorized communities and waterways threatened by the pipeline projects by denying the public their right to environmental impact statements and a proper reviewing process. This has led to the acceleration of pipeline projects in the U.S that include the ACP and MVP. Environmental review drafts for the MVP and ACP grossly underestimate the risks these pipelines pose to Virginia’s water security. Communities across Virginia know that our water would be at stake with the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline and Atlantic Coast Pipeline and are demanding comprehensive environmental impact statements. 


Lafleur’s appointment comes at a time the the agency is supposed to be reviewing Energy Transfer Partner’s Dakota Access Pipeline. As a part of President Trumps’s regime LaFleur will work to end former chairman Norman Bay’s progress on regulating power and gas trading (Bay sought reporting rules to increase market transparency and went after energy giants BP Plc and SA for energy market manipulation). Lafleur is expected to contribute to Trumps declaration to accelerate the completion of pending natural gas and oil pipelines. By using FERC to shield the legacy of oil and gas companies LaFleur is using an agency to terrorize the citizens it was created to protect. Lafleur’s water terrorism will not be tolerated in Virginia. Our water security is not to be sacrificed for the benefit of Dominion Power and EQT Corporation. 

Water is a commons - No one holds the right to destroy

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